Sunday, May 6, 2012

Such a busy week for me but a fantastic one, my eldest son and youngest granddaughter arrived from Japan, they will live with me for the foreseeable future.  His wife got her citizenship on the day they arrived! if only it had been a week before she could have come too, but she will join them in three more weeks then the family will be complete.  My other son, his wife and my other two granddaughters are here for Sunday dinner today! it is terrific to see the girls playing together, the little one mixes up the languages, some Japanese and some English, she is going great guns!!  Todays flower is a sunflower
(it was very quickly put together) it is such an easy flower I am sure you will enjoy making it!!


Carol Southern said...

Oh how great, they have finally arrived. I can bet the noise level at your place with 3 little ones is high. Love the sunflower, I don't think I've made one of these.
Thinking of you.

Jenny Lawrence said...

L.Jenny Hi Jenni
Glad they have arrived safely, look forward to doing the card.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenni, hoe lovely to have all your family together - enjoy!!

Your sunflower is stunning! How I wish I could pop along to your classes!

Katiejane said...

Kids are like sponges aren't they, she'll pick it up in no time. You must be totally thrilled to have them all with you and your dil really soon. I hope Sunday dinner went well and you made lots of memories.
Katie x

Mrs.B said...

Oh Jenni what wonderful news! You must be so happy to have the family together, and looking forward to your DIL arriving.
Love your flower, so bright and cheerful.
Avril xx