Thursday, December 23, 2010

A couple for me

I was a lucky girl as one of my friends bought me a Martha Stewart punch around the page for Xmas, I have so enjoyed playing with it, I have a little work to do to perfect the technique I am aiming for but wow I enjoyed myself, thanks Sally!!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last class for the year and Merry Christmas

This is the card we will be doing on Monday night ladies, I want to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a safe and Healthy New Year and thank you so very much for the support you have given over the last year.  On a personal level I will be happy to see this year end and hope for a new start in the next one, we have recently had lots of health issues in my close family, my eldest son having had a heart attack age 39yrs, he will probably end up having a stent in one of his coronary arteries, my youngest son is suffering badly with post traumatic stress syndrome after 11yrs serving as a policemen.......seen some horrific things and now not dealing with them too well.  This last week my DIL was rushed into hospital, severe ulcerative tonsillitis, for which she had to have intravenous antibiotics and morphine for the pain in her throat, plus other medications to stop her vomiting as the infection from her throat had gone thru her system.  She is a little better today.  I have had both Grand daughters for two days, and then last night a welcome relief we took the eldest one to see the Chrismas lights at Hunter Valley Gardens, they were beautiful and we and a couple of good friends had a great time watching her face and seeing her enjoy herself.
A Merry Christmas too to all my blogging buddies, I have enjoyed meeting you all!  making friends with people in other parts of the world has been a joy, safe and happy new year to all of you
Love Jenni

Saturday, December 11, 2010

And the card for this week is...........

Marguerite Daisy, this is the new pattern and is a delight to make..........everything works in nice and easy, I am sure you will enjoy making it!!  Well it has been super hot here this week with all the rain, the humidity was off the scale..hope you haven't suffered too much.......still think I would rather suffer this tho than the snow they are having in England at the moment, I was talking to a cousin over there in Castleford and she hadn't been out of her house for  a week.......ouch!!
Love Jenni

Sunday, December 5, 2010


This has been a really rushed procedure trying to get a card ready for tomorrow night along with all the washing ironing etc that is part and parcel of coming home from holiday.......still here it is, the hibiscus, a bit fiddly when doing the stamens and styles but comes together beautifully after that
Love Jenni

Thursday, December 2, 2010

I'm Back!!!!

Hey all, we arrived home last night after having a great time with our good friends Barb & Darryl, we saw and did some amazing things, the waterfalls I have already shown you, we went Sapphire fossicking two days last week and had a fantastic time, it was very hot and steamy tho, and the flies!!! well enough said!!! needed a hat with corks that's for sure and will certainly be looking for one next time.........and there will be a next time, hubby and I have certainly been bitten by the bug, always looking for the bigger stone
Here are some photos of the stones we found, there is onyx, the bigger pile of dark stones are Sapphires, the clear ones at the bottom is Zircon (wish they were diamonds)  there are a few Rubies at the bottom and the others are ????? but we will hope to find time we are gold hunting!! lol
Love Jenni