Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Cards today

I must have been having a creative splurge, or maybe I am just missing my family, but I have made two cards over the last couple of days, the first is just to show that a lot of these flowers can be made flat i.e. without moulding, so that they can be posted in an envelope or added to a scrapbook here it is a flat bottlebrush flower I painted the as you can tell......with my copics, it is a bit fat for the flower, but couldn't be altered, I got carried away!! I placed it on silver glitter card and made it red for Xmas.

The second card is the one we will be doing on Monday night, it can be made in any colour, I just love that vibrant pink for some flowers.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

I got an award

I got this lovely blog award from Katie, a lovely lady who always takes time out to visit my blog and leave such lovely comments........Thanks Katie, it means a lot to a newbie like me to have someone with such talent spend time can visit her wonderful site here"
Now I am supposed to tell you three things that I like about myself:

I am totally honest.
I love people
I have a great sense of humour

Display a favourite photo:
My three lovely grandaughters playing together at last........all in the same country for a while

Pass this on to five others that I think deserve it, now this is where I hit a problem, on checking my blog followers a couple of them have already recieved it, another doesn't seem to be doing her blog anymore, but here goes!!

Marion.. is having such a rough time in her life lately, I hope it cheers her

Patti Jo for her wonderful work in distress inks and beautiful floral work

Mazza for encouragement, I think she is doing a great job with her blog

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Thanks to all you special ladies and an award

Thanks a lot to you that commented on my blog last week, it was a very trying time for me and the family, I must admit to quite a few tears at the airport especially when the little one waved bye bye, thought my heart would break, but now it is time to move on and start planning the next holiday to Japan, start saving up the cents and hopefully making them into dollars!! Thanks to a blogging buddy of mine Katina, she cheered me by sending this lovely blog award I am always in awe of her work so please go take a can view it here
Love Jenni

Friday, August 20, 2010

Bells and Bouquet Wedding card, a new Blog design and tearful goodbyes

Well what an eventful week this week, my son who is visiting from Japan had a look at my blog and said "really Mum, this needs a lot of work, it is much too fussy, it should be easier for people to see your cards, not all the flowers and stuff down the side, so I replied "Go for it son!!" I have no idea what I am doing at the best of times! The flowers are actually made out of gold and the main out of pearlised white but it is difficult to show on here.
So here it is........a much cleaner and eyecatching blog ( I hope) LOL, I must admit I like it, love the banner he made me. The card for this weeks lesson is Bells and can use this for any celebration, but if you know the colours of the flower girls dresses etc, you can tone it to match.  I really enjoyed revisiting this old favourite, I hope you do too.  My darling family leave on Sunday, it has been a wonderful month with them, I am certainly not looking forward to saying goodbye, I am sure I will be a wreck at the airport, I am starting to get teary eyed even now, we are having a family BBQ tonight with my other son, DIL and grandchildren and then tomorrow we are leaving early for Sydney where we will spend the day, and then stay overnight before a very early drive to the airport.......we have to be there for 5am for their flight at 7am......keep us in your thoughts!!
Love Jenni

Friday, August 13, 2010

Everlasting Daisy

Here is the flower we are making on Monday night, the everlasting daisy, a nice simple flower to make.  I hope you all enjoy making it too
Love Jenni

Friday, August 6, 2010

Tissue Box

Hi everyone, these are the flowers that we will do next Monday, a very simple flower, plus how to make a box for your cards,  I have put my flowers this week on a tissue box, so that I could enter a different challenge, but it is exactly the same principles as putting them on a card, the only thing I did that was different was to paint the flowers after moulding them, I used "Mod Podge" it gives them a good covering, makes them stronger and hopefully helps with the dusting of them!!!