Saturday, June 30, 2012

Massey Lane Camellia

Can't believe it has been a month since I last posted! the lesson last fortnight had to be cancelled and it has been a help really as it gave me longer to do this weeks flower.  It is a Massey Lane Camellia and if you look them up on the web you will see that this is one of the flowers that really does look like its namesake, It is one of the more difficult flowers to create, there are 70 small balloon shapes in the centre, I shouldn't really say difficult, more that it is time consuming! I hope we manage to create it in one lesson!

 I am entering it in to the following challenge: goes! Anything goes! Anything goes! Always anything goes
Love Jenni xxx

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Autumn Blossom

Another busy two weeks for me, but I must admit I am enjoying it! Lilyan is a treasure, she is getting to know us so well now and is even picking up some of the Yorkshire accent LOL, it sounds so funny coming from her mouth! She is saying the cutest things now that we have no idea where she has picked them up from, it is as if someone switched a light bulb on and she realises that YES she knows that English language, it will be a good job when her Mummy arrives on Thursday as Daddy is having a hard time getting her to speak any Japanese! Yesterday in the car she was asked "" are you asleep Lily"" she answered ""not yet"" lol, and I said to her, have you finished with that and she said ""for the moment"" she amuses me so much.  Anyway, down to business! Mondays card is Autumn Blossom by Leone Em, I used water colour paints for the pink, the digi is a free download from Sliejke at  I coloured it with Copics.  I am entering into the following challenges:  Use Punches (my flowers) anything goes  Use Punches (my flowers)

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Here we are again, we are doing our classes two weekly now, for the time being anyway, until I get used to being so busy all the time, I had forgotten how much work is involved with having a tiny tot in the house again, my day seems to consist of cooking cleaning and filling and emptying the dishwasher, along with a lot of games and sharing the love with my Granddaughter, last Wednesday my other one came over as well while her Daddy attended an appointment and her elder sister was in school, so I had two under three, that was a day and half and I was exhausted with all the play dough rolling, bead making and general playing of games, it was GREAT!!

Here is this fortnights card, one I found the pattern of on the web!! here is the addy for it:

It is a wonderful pattern isn't it? I love it

Hope you enjoy.....I enjoyed it so much I made two LOL..............Jenni xx

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Such a busy week for me but a fantastic one, my eldest son and youngest granddaughter arrived from Japan, they will live with me for the foreseeable future.  His wife got her citizenship on the day they arrived! if only it had been a week before she could have come too, but she will join them in three more weeks then the family will be complete.  My other son, his wife and my other two granddaughters are here for Sunday dinner today! it is terrific to see the girls playing together, the little one mixes up the languages, some Japanese and some English, she is going great guns!!  Todays flower is a sunflower
(it was very quickly put together) it is such an easy flower I am sure you will enjoy making it!!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Finally a card for tonight

Well lots of chaos here this morning, still moving things around, Gordy has the cleaning bug thank God!! as I didn't have time today! we tried to give a good fully working tv away this morning to a charity, but they don't accept electrical things these days even if they do work! I don't know what is happening in this world lately, you can't give matresses and now no electricals, all I can say is the poor can't be as poor as we think they are, I remember times when I would have been delighted to accept a handout of a free tele!! never mind, something else to dump. 

Tonights card is Big Guy Grilling image by Mo Manning, I have paper pieced his shirt and trousers and coloured in the rest with copics, I used a stampin up image lovely as a tree for the background and stenciled the clouds.  Hope you enjoy!!!
Jenni xx

There is a class this week

So sorry to be so late posting, I have had a very busy week, taking our Granddaughter to Melbourne for a few days, we had a great time even tho it was really wet and cold, we went to watch the Anzac Day parade, Chloe really enjoyed it, we also went to Science Works, and the Melbourne museum, which she loved as it was full of animals!

I haven't had time as yet to get a card ready for tonight, but hope to post one later, if not, don't worry there will be something happening this evening!! lol
Love Jenni xx

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Apple Blossom

G'day everyone, what a busy week I seem to have had, I seem to have chased my tail all week and got absolutely knowhere so of course I am a little late again with this weeks card.  We are doing the Apple Blossom which is a new pattern from FPC, it comes together really well, we use balloon punches for this one and the Spellbinders label eight die as a backing.  Intoxicating by their very nature, apple blossoms are symbolic of heady love, peace, sensuality, and fertility. Apple blossoms (and trees) were honoured by the Ancient Celts and they would decorate their bedchambers with these blossoms to entice amorous nights, so maybe you will all be in for a treat next week?????? giggle!
I am entering this into a couple of challenges: flowers/mothers day Flower power

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Basic Rose

Hey everyone, this weeks flower is the basic rose, most of us have done this before, but I have two new ladies joining us this week, one is a visitor from interstate and as they haven't really done FPC before we will start them easy with a simple flower, the roses were basically white but I coloured them with copics.  The fan is just made the old fashioned way by folding paper, very simple but looks impressive eh?

Looking forward to seeing you all

Love Jenni x

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday card

This is a quick card I made for my Granddaughters birthday, she is eight today! In class on Monday we will be doing the Begonia from last week due to a late cancellation of last weeks class, see you all then xx

Friday, March 16, 2012

First flower for ages! the Begonia

Seems like such a long time since we did Floral Punch Craft, must have been before Christmas I think, I must admit to having quite a few memory blocks with this one LOL, but it turned out okay, the flower is a Begonia, there are lots of different types of this flower. The begonia flower is sometimes thought to represent fear, and when given to another person, some people believe that it is a warning to beware. On the other hand, it typically represents a person with a dreamy, almost innocent nature. As a gift, these are often presented to creative individuals and children because of their fanciful symbolism and their simple, unsullied beauty. These flowers can be given in the traditional bouquet, as a single flower, or within a hanging basket.

I am entering this in the papertake weekly challenge, one for the girls, or Mum, all girls like flowers I think?