Saturday, June 30, 2012

Massey Lane Camellia

Can't believe it has been a month since I last posted! the lesson last fortnight had to be cancelled and it has been a help really as it gave me longer to do this weeks flower.  It is a Massey Lane Camellia and if you look them up on the web you will see that this is one of the flowers that really does look like its namesake, It is one of the more difficult flowers to create, there are 70 small balloon shapes in the centre, I shouldn't really say difficult, more that it is time consuming! I hope we manage to create it in one lesson!

 I am entering it in to the following challenge: goes! Anything goes! Anything goes! Always anything goes
Love Jenni xxx

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Autumn Blossom

Another busy two weeks for me, but I must admit I am enjoying it! Lilyan is a treasure, she is getting to know us so well now and is even picking up some of the Yorkshire accent LOL, it sounds so funny coming from her mouth! She is saying the cutest things now that we have no idea where she has picked them up from, it is as if someone switched a light bulb on and she realises that YES she knows that English language, it will be a good job when her Mummy arrives on Thursday as Daddy is having a hard time getting her to speak any Japanese! Yesterday in the car she was asked "" are you asleep Lily"" she answered ""not yet"" lol, and I said to her, have you finished with that and she said ""for the moment"" she amuses me so much.  Anyway, down to business! Mondays card is Autumn Blossom by Leone Em, I used water colour paints for the pink, the digi is a free download from Sliejke at  I coloured it with Copics.  I am entering into the following challenges:  Use Punches (my flowers) anything goes  Use Punches (my flowers)