Monday, November 22, 2010

Having a great time

One week gone already, we have had lots of fun, but lots of rain too, it is starting to fine up now these last couple of days, but because we are high we are feeling it very cool. I had to buy a couple of long sleeve shirts today.  We have travelled up and down the Waterfall Way and because of all the rain, the waterfalls have been tremendous, we have met some really nice people along the way, that is the beauty of caravanning.   On Weds of this week we will meet up with our good friends Barb and Darryl and are really looking forward to that, here are a couple of photos

Love Jenni xxx

Friday, November 12, 2010


Here is the Hydrangea  which is this Mondays lesson, it is quite involved, but not too difficult :-) a bit fiddly maybe lol, hope you all enjoy it!! This will be the last lesson for two weeks as I am going on holiday, we are taking our caravan for a little road trip and meeting some good friends of ours, they are travelling down from Queensland and we are going up from here, meeting half way, we are taking the first week on a slow trip and then meeting them for a week on the 24th.  I arrive back on the 1st December, so next lesson on the 6th

Love Jenni

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas ornament

Hi everyone this is a Christmas ornament I made for the tree, I punched small flowers out of green acetate and pinned them to a styrofoam ball........IRL it catches the light beautifully and I think it will really shine on my tree this year....if you are looking for tomorrow nights class card please scroll down to previous post
Love Jenni

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A simple flower

As I thought we ran out of time last week and didn't get to finish the Rhodendrum so we will finish it this next Monday. I don't think that it will take the full three hours so here is a simple flower for us to do as can put it on a card or save it for "The Box" lol, I am sure you will have time to finish last weeks flower and do this as well it is soooo easy.
Love Jenni

Monday, November 1, 2010

explosion box

Here is an explosion box I made a while ago, there is a lot of room for improvement but I enjoyed making it!! The colours haven't photographed very true as there is a lot of pink in it, but I don't mind for a first try!!