Saturday, May 19, 2012

Here we are again, we are doing our classes two weekly now, for the time being anyway, until I get used to being so busy all the time, I had forgotten how much work is involved with having a tiny tot in the house again, my day seems to consist of cooking cleaning and filling and emptying the dishwasher, along with a lot of games and sharing the love with my Granddaughter, last Wednesday my other one came over as well while her Daddy attended an appointment and her elder sister was in school, so I had two under three, that was a day and half and I was exhausted with all the play dough rolling, bead making and general playing of games, it was GREAT!!

Here is this fortnights card, one I found the pattern of on the web!! here is the addy for it:

It is a wonderful pattern isn't it? I love it

Hope you enjoy.....I enjoyed it so much I made two LOL..............Jenni xx


Jenny Lawrence said...

Hi Jenni
The cards look great and very interesting I'm sure you will all have fun doing them.
Got my stitches out on Wednesday and now have bathing, massageing and exercises to do on the 2 fingers will keep checking in to see what you are all doing in class and feel envious but hopefully will soon be back doing craft.
Jenny L

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny, love these cardigan cards - fab!!

Sounds like you're having a ball with your grandchildren, as I do with mine. I just wish a bit of their energy would rub off on me, lol!

Katiejane said...

It sounds great but exhausting too. Kids are always full of beans from the minute they wake up - til they go to bed! Happy days.
A stunning card too, so cute!
Katie x

Ruth said...

These are lovely! So glad you liked the pattern, Ruth :)

Mrs.B said...

Hi Jennie, sounds like you are making up for lost time with this little one! Its so nice that they all get on together.
Love the cardigan card, the embossing really sets it off.
Avril xx