Friday, August 26, 2011

peekaboo box with miniature roses

Hello to all, getting in early this week for a change, here is a gift box with acetate window, I got the idea from
I decorated the top with miniature roses, the box is 3"x3" so you can work out how tiny they are.  The other box is stamped just to give you a choice on how you decorate the was fun to make and will make a great little gift (probably with a more sophisticated gift inside, the grandkids only had these lollies that I could use) See you all on Monday

Love Jenni xx

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Fathers Day

Well it has  been sooooooo quiet at my place this last week as you can imagine, no play school on TV every moment of the day, although I have been seriously tempted to put it on as background music! we are all missing the family like crazy.   Tomorrow nights class will be this Fathers Day card, I have used a Mo Manning image (I love her work) I painted some white paper with ink pads and punched out small leaves to give dimension, the image is coloured with Copic markers......,then cut out and put on the card with pop dots, again to give a little dimension
 Please forgive the poor editing on the photo, my NEW computer has broken down yet again and has gone if for repair under warranty, that is twice since I bought it, three months ago, I am not a happy little vegemite........and so of course my editing programme has gone too.
Love Jenni xx

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sparaxis flower & Lily meets a Roo

Hi everyone, well next weeks lesson will be on Monday night as usual, I will be back in the land of craft again, it seems so long since I did any, but have been much too busy with the family, my little one leaves on Sunday morning and I know it will break my heart, she has been such fun this time we have adored her being here with us, we babysat last night while Darren and Miki took a well earned break and she was very good, missed them of course but nothing too bad a visit from her Uncle Chris whom she adores helped a lot, I think he looks so much like her Daddy she has that affinity to start with.  Well here is the Sparaxis flower, quite an easy one once you have the painting down properly, looking forward to seeing you all again

Love Jenni xx

Just realised one of the leaves is a bit ragged, I think the bugs must have got in while I wasn't looking!!! :-))