Friday, July 30, 2010

Lesson for Monday

Here is Monday's lesson, yet another Australian Native, the Bottlebrush.....a lot more involved than I remembered, so maybe we may not get it all done in one lesson, but I hope so, if not, we will finish the following week, plus make a smaller flower.  All the shapes have to be folded, shaped and painted, and then assembled on to a "calyx" so it is very labour intensive.  The better news is I am sooo much better this week, I have had a great week with my family, we have been and done so many things, one of them being Whale watching at Port Stephens, we were lucky to see a number of whales, but none of them did the breeching for us, but we saw quite a few Tails!!!  Please excuse the quality of the picture, I am not having any luck lately with my camera.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Australia's Floral Emblem

I have been so very sick with a virus this week that it has been a struggle to make a card and that is why I am so late in posting. My family are on holiday from Japan at the moment, and I was just toooo ill to even go to the airport, they arrived Weds morning and I first saw them on Thursday night.  I am feeling much better now tho and my DDIL helped me make the card for this week poor love had never held a tool or punched a flower in her life so did a great job, she has taken over the kitchen.....god love her!! Thanks Miki, you are a diamond!!

I had a new lady start the class last week and another new one joining this Monday so welcome to you both!! I hope you enjoy making all the beautiful flowers we make.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Another Australian native flower - The Banksia

Here is Mondays flower ladies, I am sure you will enjoy making this, it comes together really easily and yet looks impressive.  It is one of my favourite flowers to make.
Love Jenni

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Full day workshop

I had to postpone my class yesterday as I was busy babysitting our eldest Granddaughter for the day, it's school holidays over here and so I am having both girls a few days of this week.  Yesterday we went to Sydney for the day we had a great time visiting the aquarium, she was most impressed with the sharks!
Here are three cards I have prepared for a full day workshop I am holding on Friday, it is a mixed group of mothers with children of different ages, so I have tried to keep the flowers really easy for them to start with.
Love Jenni