Saturday, March 24, 2012

Birthday card

This is a quick card I made for my Granddaughters birthday, she is eight today! In class on Monday we will be doing the Begonia from last week due to a late cancellation of last weeks class, see you all then xx

Friday, March 16, 2012

First flower for ages! the Begonia

Seems like such a long time since we did Floral Punch Craft, must have been before Christmas I think, I must admit to having quite a few memory blocks with this one LOL, but it turned out okay, the flower is a Begonia, there are lots of different types of this flower. The begonia flower is sometimes thought to represent fear, and when given to another person, some people believe that it is a warning to beware. On the other hand, it typically represents a person with a dreamy, almost innocent nature. As a gift, these are often presented to creative individuals and children because of their fanciful symbolism and their simple, unsullied beauty. These flowers can be given in the traditional bouquet, as a single flower, or within a hanging basket.

I am entering this in the papertake weekly challenge, one for the girls, or Mum, all girls like flowers I think?

Saturday, March 10, 2012

And for this week

Sorry to be a little late with next weeks lesson, I have had my darling G'daughters here today and have done lots of playing instead of crafting!! they are having a sleep over, both of them have been very good, we get to do it all over again next weekend too!  for Monday night I have finished off the card holder that we made the cards for last week, It is a lovely gift and I am sure it will be well received.  Don't forget to bring back the cards you made so that we can get everything to match.

Love Jenni xx

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy to be back

But I had an absolutely awesome time in Western Australia, it is a  terrific place and if it wasn't for family and friends in NSW I would move there, it was very hot but without the terrible humidity we get here, it was very flat for walking which was great for me, and  I absolutely loved the place.   It was terrific to see my friends again, what a shame its such a long way to go to catch up! I really enjoyed spending time with them and of course the crafting that was done!! they looked after us so well and we are ever grateful.

Here is the card(s) for this week, I want you to make at least three of these, they are very simple, but then the following week as long as my order from ebay gets here in time, we will make a holder to put them in.  My friends gave me lots of new ideas!!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Monday and catching up!!
Love Jenni xx