Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sparaxis flower & Lily meets a Roo

Hi everyone, well next weeks lesson will be on Monday night as usual, I will be back in the land of craft again, it seems so long since I did any, but have been much too busy with the family, my little one leaves on Sunday morning and I know it will break my heart, she has been such fun this time we have adored her being here with us, we babysat last night while Darren and Miki took a well earned break and she was very good, missed them of course but nothing too bad a visit from her Uncle Chris whom she adores helped a lot, I think he looks so much like her Daddy she has that affinity to start with.  Well here is the Sparaxis flower, quite an easy one once you have the painting down properly, looking forward to seeing you all again

Love Jenni xx

Just realised one of the leaves is a bit ragged, I think the bugs must have got in while I wasn't looking!!! :-))


Only By His Grace said...

Hi Jenni!
What a little cutie. You will surely miss her.
I love your flowers. the coloring looks great. Those dash bugs. You will have to spray them.
Hugs Maz

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni, what a gorgeous photo! My little ones have gone on holiday with their mum and dad today and I miss them already.

Beautiful flowers once again. xx

Mrs.B said...

Hi Jenni, Fabulous photo, and sounds like you've had a great time with her. My DD went back to Uni this morning and I'm missing her already!
Enjoy your weekend.
Nearly forgot to say - Great flowers.
Avril xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni,
Hope you are going okay tonight. Looking forward to catching up tomorrow night and making the great flowers you have planned for us.
Hang in there,

Katiejane said...

Awww Jenni, I feel for you :( My kids go back to school Monday, I can't believe how it's flown by.Be glad you spent such a lovely time together.
Hugs, Katie x