Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Having a great time

It is just soooo wonderful to see my son and my youngest granddaughter after a year of separation, she is a little girl now instead of a baby, and thank goodness for Skype, she actually knew us when she arrived at the airport and we didn't have that awful waste of a week getting to know her again, she is still a little reluctant at times and is very clingy to her Daddy, but she misses her Mummy of course, that will be rectified next Tuesday and we will all be together for another ten days.  The little one adores her two cousins, wish I could get them to stay with me until she leaves LOL, they all play so well together.


Baukje said...

You have beautiful grand daughters Jenni, love that red hair.

Katina said...

Oh Jenni, what a little sweetie!! She's so pretty and what gorgeous colour hair!! You can really see the family resemblance. Have a wonderful time together. xxxxxx

Katiejane said...

Oh look at her, such a little dolly! Enjoy her whilst she's so sweet and innocent! :)
Katie x

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni,
You look so happy with your beautiful red head princess! Hope you have a wonderful time with your three wonderful grand daughters and get to catch up with your son and DIL. See you in a couple of weeks.

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Jenni!
What gorgeous photo's. Have a great time with the family.
Hugs Maz

Mrs.B said...

Jenni she is so cute, and gorgeous hair! (from Granny?)
And your other grand daughters are gorgeous too. Enjoy your time together.
Love Avril xx

Barb and Darryl said...

Jenni they ar all Gorgeous. I love the colour of Lilyann's hair.
The girls look so happy together.
Good to hear that you will also have 10 days with Miki.
Enjoy your precious family time.
Love to all of you
Barb and Darryl