Friday, April 29, 2011

Mondays flower

Well here is Monday nights flower, the New South Wales floral emblem........The Waratah.  It is not too hard as long as you keep your wits about you LOL.........I seem to have got my computer problems fixed, I just killed the computer!!! so am relegated now to the laptop....the other is five years old so not sure whether or not it is worth fixing.  It still goes, so I may have to hook it up today and work it til it dies, it seems to overheat and then knock itself off for a day, then comes back on as if nothing has happened....weird and as to the modem worries, I fixed that, it was a firewall that was actually on the new modem so I disabled that and now I can come visit!! yeah me...........
Love Jenni xx

I also made a paper flower using the scrunching technique, was pleased with how it turned out, my blogging friend Patti Jo sent me the instructions how to make it, you can check out her wonderful blog here

I can see now that one of my leaves has come astray but haven't time to re take the pic...but will fix it now


Anonymous said...

You even make scrunched flowers look like works of art!! Two gorgeous creations Jenni! Glad you got some of the pc probs sorted. xx

Carol Southern said...

Your Waratah is beautiful Jenni and I do like the look of these scrunched flowers. I've been trying a few myself. I hope your ladies like doing the Waratah it is a stunning flower.

Mrs.B said...

Your Waratah flower is gorgeous, and what can I say about 'your' scrunched flower - MUCH BETTER than 'mine'. I'll have to check out the link (must try harder at flowers Avril)
Glad you eventually sorted the computer!!
Avril xx

Patti Jo said...

Now how did I miss these??? Thanks for the mention and LOVE how you did the scrunched flower! Fun aren't they? I'm not familiar with the Waratah flower, but that is a must try one too...sooo pretty! Beautiful work as always Jenni!!!