Friday, April 22, 2011

flip top birthday card

One of the ladies that comes to my class brought some cards in for me to see and kindly let me copy one of them, I love how this card opens to display the little tag inside....really easy to make too.........Thanks Jen xx
I hope you all have a very Happy Easter, mine is starting a little rough, my hubby was painting the kitchen last week, took a switch plate off the wall to paint behind it, caused a spark and knocked my computer off, when I tried to restart it just wouldn't have it, I left it overnight and next morning it started again, the internet connection lasted until 3pm and then died, after a lot of there and back with my service provider they decided that it was the modem that had given up the ghost, off I went to buy a new modem, came home and with great difficulty installed it, the internet is fine on every part except blogspot, it lets me come and visit you and look at your cards, but if I want to leave a comment, it says connection timed out, I then have to close my browser and restart, go straight to my blogspot and link to yours then quickly write my comment then when I try to go back, guess what? yep, connection timed out, if there are any computer gurus out there I would be greatful for any help, I think from delving in to things that it is being blocked by a firewall but am not really if I don't comment on your cards for a while you will understand why.....

Love Jenni xx


Katina said...

Fab card Jenni!! Love the bright pink colour too. I haven't a clue how to help with your internet problem - how annoying for you! xxx

Anonymous said...

Well done Jen, and I think the top with the shapes looks as good as the original.

Katiejane said...

Sorry to hear about your computer Jenni, hope it gets sorted soon!
Great card, what a cool idea.
Have a great Easter.

Carol Southern said...

What a great idea for a card, yours looks terrific in pink.
Oh, computer troubles....I feel for you Jenni. I hope you get it sorted out soon.

Mrs.B said...

Great card Jenni, love the bright colours - I am not very technical with comps. so can't help, but hope someone else can.
Avril x