Saturday, December 18, 2010

Last class for the year and Merry Christmas

This is the card we will be doing on Monday night ladies, I want to wish you all a Very Happy Christmas and a safe and Healthy New Year and thank you so very much for the support you have given over the last year.  On a personal level I will be happy to see this year end and hope for a new start in the next one, we have recently had lots of health issues in my close family, my eldest son having had a heart attack age 39yrs, he will probably end up having a stent in one of his coronary arteries, my youngest son is suffering badly with post traumatic stress syndrome after 11yrs serving as a policemen.......seen some horrific things and now not dealing with them too well.  This last week my DIL was rushed into hospital, severe ulcerative tonsillitis, for which she had to have intravenous antibiotics and morphine for the pain in her throat, plus other medications to stop her vomiting as the infection from her throat had gone thru her system.  She is a little better today.  I have had both Grand daughters for two days, and then last night a welcome relief we took the eldest one to see the Chrismas lights at Hunter Valley Gardens, they were beautiful and we and a couple of good friends had a great time watching her face and seeing her enjoy herself.
A Merry Christmas too to all my blogging buddies, I have enjoyed meeting you all!  making friends with people in other parts of the world has been a joy, safe and happy new year to all of you
Love Jenni


Carol Southern said...

These flowers look lovely in red, beautiful card Jenni.
Merry Christmas to you all again.
Let's hope 2011 starts off better for you and your family. Cheers Jenni

Katina said...

Hi Jenni,
I'm so sorry to hear about your sons and DIL and hope they're soon on the road to recovery. It is the most awful thing in the world when your children are ill, no matter how old they are, and you would swap places with them in an instant if you could. Five years ago I almost lost my eldest son when he had TB and an abcess on his lung. This year my daughter has been told she has Lupus. I think this year has been horrendous and I will also be glad to see it end.

On a happier note, your card has pride of place on my mantel and everyone has commented on it. I'm so cross with myself as I kept your address from the wrapping and then mislaid it. By the time I found it again I had missed the last post to Australia. It has bee lovely 'meeting' you this year Jenni. Have a wonderful Christmas and my prayers are with you and your family for a happy and healthy 2011. xxxxxxx

PS. Love your latest creation.

Inkyfingers said...

What a lovely card Jenni, the flowers are just beautiful. I am so sorry you are having such health problems within your family. They say that mothers are only ever as happy as their most unhappy child, so I know the feeling of acute worry that goes along with your children being ill. I hope the new year bring happier times for you.
carol x

Patti Jo said...

These are such pretty flowers! Love the red and display! Hope things have improved for your family.