Saturday, December 11, 2010

And the card for this week is...........

Marguerite Daisy, this is the new pattern and is a delight to make..........everything works in nice and easy, I am sure you will enjoy making it!!  Well it has been super hot here this week with all the rain, the humidity was off the scale..hope you haven't suffered too much.......still think I would rather suffer this tho than the snow they are having in England at the moment, I was talking to a cousin over there in Castleford and she hadn't been out of her house for  a week.......ouch!!
Love Jenni


Baukje said...

My goodness those daisy's look REAl.
Stunning floral work.

Katiejane said...

Wow, wow, wow, I can't believe you actually make these Jenni, they are fantastic!
Wishing you a fab holiday season.
Hugs, Katie x

Katina said...

Stunning, Jenni! They are so fresh and pretty - love them! xxx

Carol Southern said...

They do look real, beautiful flowers Jenni. That colour card makes them stand out beautifully.

Only By His Grace said...

hi Jenni!
You have done a great job on these daisies. I have yet to try any new flowers. Now that I have finished my very flat Christmas cards I can concentrate on Floral cards. Love how you have them arranged.
We have had non stop rain here too and it is so stinking hot and humid.
I think it must be better than snow. My friend Patti Jo has had a blizzard today and she couldn't go to the craft shop where she works. She said it was 18 below and the wind chill 30 below. Brrrr.
Hugs Maz

Patti Jo said...

Hi Jenni!
You just can't go wrong with daisies, the always look so fresh and pretty!!! Beautiful job on your arrangement!!!
Yes, we have had lousy weather, but today was quite nice with only about your -5C or so!!!! :)