Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tidy Tips

My ladies did a fantastic job of the roses last week, this week is a much easier flower, the Tidy Tips, a little bit of painting that is all.  It took four hours last week to do the roses, but they all persevered and did beautiful arrangements, I am enclosing a picture of some of them below this weeks flower for you to have a look at...I am soooo proud of you all!

Love Jenni


Cassandra said...

Jenni, the flowers are stunning. I wish I could do them but I think I would be all thumbs. PS Thanks for all your encouragement, it means alot.

Anonymous said...

So pretty Jenni - you know how much I love all your work. Well done to your ladies - those roses were well worth the effort! xx

Mrs.B said...

Well done to all your ladies, the roses are gorgeous, and to you, the 'teacher' is the inspiration.
Avril x

Only By His Grace said...

Hi there Jenni!
Love, love your Tidy Tips flowers and the frame around them.
Your ladies sure did a wonderful job of the roses. They are all so beautiful and perfectly made.
Hope you are well my friend.
Hugs Maz

Angela said...

Hi Jenni!! Sorry it has taken me solong to stop by!!! GORGEOUS flowers!! Maybe one day I'll learn how to make my own gorgeous flowers!! Thanks for all you sweet comments.