Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Cards today

I must have been having a creative splurge, or maybe I am just missing my family, but I have made two cards over the last couple of days, the first is just to show that a lot of these flowers can be made flat i.e. without moulding, so that they can be posted in an envelope or added to a scrapbook here it is a flat bottlebrush flower I painted the as you can tell......with my copics, it is a bit fat for the flower, but couldn't be altered, I got carried away!! I placed it on silver glitter card and made it red for Xmas.

The second card is the one we will be doing on Monday night, it can be made in any colour, I just love that vibrant pink for some flowers.


Katiejane said...

I'm with you on the vibrant pink, love the colour!

Patti Jo said...

Love your bottlebrush card Jenni! Great job drawing the stems!!! Wow, I wouldn't even attempt it! The pink flowers are so pretty and love how you have them arranged. Lucky gals getting to come to your classes to learn from the best!

Carol Southern said...

Wow you have been busy.
Nothing wrong with those stems, they look fantastic and the flower looks great too Jenni.
The bright pink really makes these flowers pop. Beautiful!!

Katina said...

Wow, the bright pink flowers are stunning! Love them xx