Friday, August 20, 2010

Bells and Bouquet Wedding card, a new Blog design and tearful goodbyes

Well what an eventful week this week, my son who is visiting from Japan had a look at my blog and said "really Mum, this needs a lot of work, it is much too fussy, it should be easier for people to see your cards, not all the flowers and stuff down the side, so I replied "Go for it son!!" I have no idea what I am doing at the best of times! The flowers are actually made out of gold and the main out of pearlised white but it is difficult to show on here.
So here it is........a much cleaner and eyecatching blog ( I hope) LOL, I must admit I like it, love the banner he made me. The card for this weeks lesson is Bells and can use this for any celebration, but if you know the colours of the flower girls dresses etc, you can tone it to match.  I really enjoyed revisiting this old favourite, I hope you do too.  My darling family leave on Sunday, it has been a wonderful month with them, I am certainly not looking forward to saying goodbye, I am sure I will be a wreck at the airport, I am starting to get teary eyed even now, we are having a family BBQ tonight with my other son, DIL and grandchildren and then tomorrow we are leaving early for Sydney where we will spend the day, and then stay overnight before a very early drive to the airport.......we have to be there for 5am for their flight at 7am......keep us in your thoughts!!
Love Jenni


Katiejane said...

Wow, well a clever son you have your blog looks incredible....great job I say!
I bet you've had the best time with your family, just enjoy it whilst you can and have a fab trip to Sydney...sounds amazing! Enjoy the BBQ :)
Best wishes Katie x

Katina said...

Oh Jenni, I feel teary for you at the thought of your family leaving. I don't know how I'd cope if mine didn't live close to me. Your blog looks fab - clever son! As usual your card is amazing - I want to learn this craft so much! Will be thinking about you xx

stephanne said...

Good luck in your travels, it's always so sad to see loved ones off, but I am sure you all had a great time together, and there will be many more to come, I hope!! Now your blog looks fantastic, love the colours and the layout!! Your card is brilliant too, love the soft cream shades against the pink, and your flowers are always intricate and amazing!!
hugs, stephanne

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenni,enjoyed last weeks everlasting daisies we did in class and this weeks looks completely different,so looking forward to Mondays class and hope we keep you occupied so it is not too distressing your son and,Daughterinlaw and your o so beautifull grandaughter leaving. Thinking of you as you say goodbye,I am so glad my family are all close by.

Katina said...

Hi Jenni, hope you're okayx There's something on my blog for you if you have time to take a look xx

Carol Southern said...

Beautiful card Jenni. I know you will be sad saying goodbye to your family. Time to plan the next visit and have something to look forward to. Your new blog look is terrific too.

Patti Jo said...

Your son did a great job on your blog. I like the look too! And definitely want to showcase your cards!!! This card is another beauty Jenni! Love the pearlized papers! Well done!!!!