Thursday, February 11, 2010

Flannel Flower

Hi everyone, next weeks class will be a Flannel Flower, we are going to concentrate on Australian native flowers for the next few lessons, thinking about it tho, I think there will only be another two classes, then I will be MIA for seven weeks, while I visit my gorgeous granddaughter and DS and DIL in Osaka Japan.  May have to take a few punches with me or I will go stir crazy without any craft.......copics are in Japan tho!!! lol, hopefully they will be cheaper, I am making a visit to "The Loft" in Kobe, which was my favourite shop to visit last time having two whole floors dedicated to craft. Hope you like the Flannel Flower!!! hugs.......Jenni


Only by His Grace said...

Super card Jenni!
Your Flannel flowers look great with the fern behind them. Thanks for the award. I have it from Angie too so I must do something about it.
Hugs Marion

Pretty-In-Ink said...

They are beautiful flowers!
How exciting I've always wanted to go to Japan! Lucky you!

Angela said...

Jenni, sorry It's been so long since I have visited!! I have just been sooooo busy!!! I lvoe all you punched flowers you create!!! So beautiful!!! I hope you are doing well!!

Patti.Jo said...

Love these flannel flowers and the layout out is fantastic!!! Beautiful work Jenni!