Saturday, January 21, 2012

Valentines card

A little early I know, but was requested by some of you ladies to teach you how to make the card with box that I made for your Christmas cards, couldn't really do another Christmas card so Valentines day is the next holiday coming up, of course you can decorate it how you want to, I got the pattern from and think it is such a great design for a few chocolates or a trinket to be given.  Hope you enjoy being back, but remember it is only two lessons, then I will be away all of February as I am going on my Jollies to Perth to visit friends. Happy New Year to all my lovely followers!! I know I have been sadly neglectful of visiting you all for the last month but I have just been sooo busy, we have had the wonderful news that my son and his family are really really coming home this year from Japan to live, I have always said, I hope they do but I won't hold my breath, but this time it is happening as he has booked the airfares, they arrive on the 3rd May.  I have been frantically sorting and donating and binning 30yrs worth of clutter to give them some space, they will live with me until they get settled and get jobs and their own home.  I am sooo thankful xxx


Only By His Grace said...

hi Jenni!
What great news. Hmmmm...I have been decluttering too. What a job.
Love your box card. what a great idea.
Thanks for the link.
You did a swell job on it.
Can I have the chockies?
Hugs Maz

Mrs.B said...

Hi Jenni, so glad you're back.
This is great news for you and May's not that far away!!
This is a great card/box, thanks for the link, I think this will come in very handy.
Love Avril xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Jenni, what fabulous news!! May will be here before you know it!

Love your card/box; so pretty and very useful.

Katiejane said...

That is an amazing thing to be thankful for. How lovely to have your son come stay with you for a while too. I know what you mean about sorting! We've only lived here 5 years and already we have a trailer of stuff sorted at the weekend to get shot of!
Enjoy your time in Perth, oh and fab card -grrreat template!
Katie x

Cassandra said...

I have just caught up on your last few posts, and they are amazing. My stand out favourite is the holly - so dellicate and life like.

I am definitely going to hold onto this tutorial link, it is a great idea. Hope your health is improving. Arthritis is a horrible condition.