Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Granddaughters birthday

My eldest granddaughter is seven, where did that time go? she is a darling girl who constantly makes me laugh with the things she Mum would have loved her, and would have said "she has an old head on young shoulders" and she would have been you Chloe Rose!!

The colouring leaves a lot to be desired, but at least it is better than Chloe's lol, only just tho!!


Katina said...

Hi Jenni, Chloe Rose will love this! My eldest granddaughter will be 6 next month and she loves everything I make for her just because I've made it, bless!! What would we do without them?! I love the little girl on the horse - so cute! xx

Mrs.B said...

Love the way you have put Tilda on the horse, it so cute. I'm sure your Grandaughter will love it!
Avril x