Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well another more difficult card this week, shouldn't say difficult, what I mean is time consuming! there is a lot of cutting with this one, it is one of my all time favourite flowers to make.  I do hope you like it too, now don't forget we have changed the time for the class, it is now Tuesday at 1pm for this week at least, then we will decide which is best
Love Jenni


Carol Southern said...

Beautiful flower Jenni. Love the subtle colouring of this, looks gorgeous.
I can't remember making a Dahlia, maybe I don't have the punches needed.
Hope your ladies enjoy doing it.

Anonymous said...

Every time I visit I think you can't get any better but you always do! Every week I say to myself that this one is my favourite .... until I see the next one!! Just amazing Jenni - so beautiful. xxx

Mrs.B said...

Gorgeous - again! Each week the flower is just amazing.
Avril B

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Jenni!
super flowers. Love the color of them. I am so slow at my comments this month. Getting old LOL.
Hugs Maz

Katiejane said...

WOW Jenni, I really don't know how you do it, this is so realistic! You are so tallented :)
I'm loving your new blog header too!
Katie x