Friday, January 21, 2011


Be prepared for a lot of painting girls........this flower starts as white paper! it is not too bad to make tho, just time consuming,and the end result is worth the hassle
Love Jenni


Katiejane said...

Jenni I can not believe you actually made that from plain paper!!! This is stunning! Your flowers are so pretty and you could incorporate them in so many lovely projects.
Oh how I'd love to attend that class!
Hugs, Katie x

Mrs.B said...

Hi Jenni, - Wow! that flower is amazing - can't believe it was white paper - you are so talented.
Shame you live so far away!
Glad you had a great birthday.
Love, Avril x

Carol Southern said...

Absolutely beautiful Jenni, you have got these flowers down to pat.
I didn't get the colouring right when I did mine, these are stunning.
Beautiful card.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, you never cease to amaze me Jennie!! I can't believe you've made these from white paper! So beautiful! xxx

Patti Jo said...

My goodness these are beautiful!!! I've never attempted such an intricate flower with all the coloring!!! Gorgeous work Jenni!!!