Thursday, November 4, 2010

A simple flower

As I thought we ran out of time last week and didn't get to finish the Rhodendrum so we will finish it this next Monday. I don't think that it will take the full three hours so here is a simple flower for us to do as can put it on a card or save it for "The Box" lol, I am sure you will have time to finish last weeks flower and do this as well it is soooo easy.
Love Jenni


Carol Southern said...

Nice arrangement Jenni. Love the flower, it looks showy and quite easy to make.

Anonymous said...

Simple?, easy?! They certainly don't look it to me! Beautiful as usual and so, so pretty xx

Only By His Grace said...

Hi Jenni!
Lovely flowers. Nice and Christmassy.
Hugs Maz

stephanne said...

This is a beautiful gathering of flowers, stunning as ever, love the leaves too!!
hugs, stephanne