Sunday, October 25, 2009

Visitors have left

I was so sad to see my interstate visitors leave today, I am missing them already, we had five days of laughter and that is not a bad thing.  On Thursday my new Granddaughter was born, two weeks early!! We had a huge celebration and I am so glad my visitors were here to help us.  I posted the quilt and the framed flowers Hope they love them as much as I loved making them, I am so blessed to have three gorgeous granddaughters now, wish I could fly over to Japan tho to see the new one, but I will get there next year!!! Here are my girls altogether on a photo even if they are far apart in life.


Only by His Grace said...

Hi Jenni!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. Your blog looks terrific. your new granddaughter is a little doll as are the other two. Congratulations.
Hugs Maz

Jennibee's Cardspot said...

Thanks so much Maz, love your blog!! Grandchildren are the best kind of therapy tho aren't they?
hugs Jenni